A typical daddy day

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I wonder how other guy’s spend their day as stay-at-home dads.  I feel alone when I take time to think about it.  I also wonder if I am doing it right.  It’s not as if I went to stay-at-home dad school and know what I am doing.  I suppose it all comes natural…  Maybe that is a fallacy to one extent or another.

Here is a typical daddy day for me (today):

6:10 am alarm clock wakes me up and I cook breakfast for everyone.

6:30 everyone joins me and we eat breakfast

7:00 I get ready for the day with a shower and a shave and get dressed.  My wife dresses the girls and brushes their teeth and hair.

7:30-8:00 I leave for the YMCA.  I arrive around 8:15 with the girls and do a 1 hour workout.  usually running and some strength conditioning.

9:15 We leave the YMCA and either run by the grocery store or library or bookstore.  I often pick up a second coffee from a drive thru coffee shop.

10:40 I am usually home and fixing lunch.  These days it’s grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls with canned veggies and/or sliced fruit on the side with 8 oz of 2% milk.  i am eating a turkey pita or wrap with lettuce and some ranch dressing and water with the same fruit/veggies that the girls are having.

11:00 we all sit down at the table and eat (after washing hands) while we enjoy CBS’ “The Price Is Right” on television.

11:30 everyone is usually done with lunch and I clean up.  The girls usually get to watch a little TV.

12:00 naptime begins.  I normally have a short nap myself or do some computer work/surfing.  Today it was really cold and rainy and dark so I took a longer nap.  Then I indulge in a computer game for around an hour.  These days it’s been Team Fortress 2.

2:00 naptime ends.  I usually let the girls get out of nap with a bit of TV or by going outside or just having free playtime.  They haven’t responded well to school work and projects right after nap.  I think they feel less alert.

3:00 afternoon snack with juice and bagels or cheese usually.  Then we read a story (well, I read a story to them).  Then, we usually let the 4 year old try her pre-school learning book (2-4 pages of letter writing practice, counting practice) and let the 2 year old pick from play dough or coloring.  Sometime we do a special project or might take a shopping trip or run an errand.

4:30  supper prep time for me

5:00 pm supper is served.  we usually watch the news or some light show but not a cartoon or kids show.  The kids don’t eat well when they are watching a favorite show.

5:30  supper clean-up and then the wife is normally home around 6:00 or 6:30.

I try to give her time to eat without the girls hanging all over her, so we might go upstairs and play or leave the house for a short trip.

7:00 2 year old bedtime and she puts the 2 year old to bed which gives them some QT (quality time) together.  I watch and entertain the 4 year old until around 7:40 at which time mom and the 4 year old get some time together with a story and some bedtime time.

So there is a typical day for us.  I hope to learn more about other stay-at-home dad’s days through the other blogs so feel free to link your stories or make a comment.

If anyone is out there….




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